Draft 'Code of Practice for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)'

The Health and Safety Authority has prepared a draft Code of Practice for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). This Code of Practice allows for the inclusion of carbon dioxide (CO2) limit values/ventilation rates. It establishes a mechanism for additional worker protections for workplace indoor air quality.
In developing the draft Code, extensive reference material was researched and consulted.

The draft Code:

  • Provides a practical risk assessment approach to assist employers with making a reasonable determination of IAQ in their workplace. Parameters for CO2, air changes per hour, temperature/humidity, and ventilation rates are included to enable baseline assessments to be made.
  • Addresses risk assessment competency in terms of workplace complexity and provides advice on investigating IAQ complaints.
  • Provides detailed information on ventilation, air filtration, carbon dioxide monitors and promotes designing out IAQ issues.
  • Differentiates between requirements under the General Application Regulations and other legislation/ codes of practice such as Chemical Agents Regulations and its Code of Practice but also shows the relationship between them.
  • Connects to requirements in other legislation and guidance so good IAQ can be dealt with holistically by employers.

A draft amendment to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 (S.I. No. 299 of 2007) will give effect to the Code of Practice.

The draft Code of Practice may be found at this address consultation.hsa.ie/Public-Consultations/Draft_Code_of_Practice_for_Indoor_Air_Quality/Code-of-Practice-Indoor-Air-Quality.pdf and the Authority welcomes submissions on the revised technical detail.

The closing date for submissions is 2nd December 2022 17:00.

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